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Fragments of red ochre have been found in the deposit, one of which came from a hearth that was originally dated to 27,700 /- 700 BP.

A number of large ferruginous nodules of ochre were found, one of which weighed 13 g.

It is believed these nodules were brought to the cave by the occupants, but smaller nodules are thought to have possibly washed into the cave.

(Dortch & Merrilees, 1973; Dortch, 1984; Dortch & Dortch, 1996; Dortch, 2004).

The original date for the site, 20,400 /- 1,000, has been replaced by 25,500 /- 275. (2001), 4 independent dating techniques, OSL, ESR, U-series dating of flowstone and C 14 dating of the carbonate in emu eggshells, all agree with the chronology that indicate the site was occupied by about 50,000 BP.

The lowest level of the site dates to 31,400 /- 1,500 BP and the most recent to 30,590 /- 1,810 BP.

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